Reaching Out-of-State Voters in Harris County, Texas During Political Campaigns

Learn how to reach out-of-state voters in Harris County during political campaigns. Find out about independent expenditures and coordinated communications.

Reaching Out-of-State Voters in Harris County, Texas During Political Campaigns

The Texas Secretary of State is the main election official in the state and the Elections Division of the Secretary of State provides advice and assistance to those who wish to support or oppose a candidate. This can be done by paying for public communications, such as newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising media, mass mailings, telephone banks, or any other form of political advertising for the general public. Communications over the Internet are not considered public communications, except for those that are posted for a fee on another person's website, digital device, application, or advertising platform. Volunteers can also help candidates and committees by offering their services on a voluntary basis. If the services are compensated by someone other than the committee itself, then the payment is considered a contribution to the committee.

Regulations related to coordinated communications and liability exemption requirements would also apply. Presidential elections are subject to many of the same funding rules as House and Senate campaigns. An independent expenditure is an expenditure intended for a communication that expressly advocates the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate and that is not done in coordination with any campaign, candidate, committee of a political party, or with an agent of any campaign, candidate or committee of a political party. When an individual or group pays for coordinated communication with a campaign, candidate, political party committee, or campaign agent, candidate, or political party committee, the communication results in an in-kind contribution subject to limitations and prohibitions. It must also include a disclaimer notice. People can send unlimited emails on any political topic without identifying who they are or if their messages have been authorized by any party or campaign committee. The Harris County Elections Administrator's Office makes every effort to post accurate information on this website.

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